Monday, April 8, 2013

We are still cast against each other...

Since the first humans ran into each other after a few thousand years of change we have been at war. Technology, historical records and information have changed the face of our planet. We evolved ourselves by changing our environment to suit our needs. In less than 150 years we have evolved our environment faster than our evolutionary process ever could have adapted us naturally.  

The point I am getting to is humans are still animals. We still have the same aggressive nature, territorial obsessions and sexual tendencies as our cousin species. Although we have created a society we still live in a tribal mindset. Our large numbers create large and small offshoot groups with different beliefs. Skin color was one of the first types of noticeable difference. Now we have politics religion and other unnecessary group think situations. People need to have something or someone to follow. Occasionally an individual or a group of people take advantage of these "follower types". 

Propaganda machines control large masses of people into believing things that are unlikely and unreasonable. "People are literally being programmed" These top down hierarchies are terrible for societal progress, especially if the top group is considered infallible. Natural segregation is occurring, mostly in major cities with heavy urban population. More and more people with more and more differences is a recipe for war. We have small wars that take place "tribal like" gang violence. Larger groups are involved in political or religious wars. The wars on drugs, terror, thought, free enterprise and religion are all superficial. What lies beneath is good old fashioned bigotry and hatred. Traditions holding on by a thread. I am sorry but repeating history is kind of out of style these days.

"Ignorance is a choice in an information age."

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