Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick thoughts on debates.

I have watched many debates between theologians and atheist scholars. These debates, although not always changing minds, do open the minds of both sides. This is beneficial to both sides of the argument, it softens the atheist to an understanding p.o.v., while giving the theist a perspective from outside the "bubble". I originally was a Catholic and converted to Baptist during these moments I was surrounded by teachers and authority figures whose word I trusted... Until I began asking questions that is. I asked my pastor one day; "When we go to heaven will we remember our life here?" His answer to put it bluntly was "NO". This was the moment I was introduced to debate. I asked him "why would god put us through this life just to have us forget it?" He could not answer my question without saying "It is gods plan" and that I needed to "pray to god for the answers". That was the conversation that started my journey toward realization. 10000 religions and 1000 gods later, I have made my decision that these gods and religions are all man made.
"Exactly what you would expect to see from a primate species" - Christopher Hitchens

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